Moxibustion has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for millennia to activate energy/Qi flow, strengthen blood as well as to support general health and specifically patients suffering from cold stagnant constitutions.

Moxibustion is a form of burning an herbal Moxa stick (composed of herbs and mugwort and/or wormwood). After the herbal Moxa stick is lit, the acupuncture practitioner places it on a specific acupressure points or trigger spots along the body. The Moxa stick is held for several minutes and removed before it feels too warm. The patient will sense  a pleasant heating sensation topically however this procedure has a deep healing soft tissue effect. Acupuncture can also be use with Moxa stick therapy together depending on the patient’s diagnosis.  These methods are used to improve long-term health, treat cold stagnant conditions, reduce symptoms of menstrual cramps, and relieve chronic health conditions as well as to greatly support chemotherapy patients regain strength.

Another form of Moxa stick therapy is smokeless and it may be used for patients with respiratory condition or those who simply prefer no odor. At ChengAcuCare, many of our patients prefer smokeless moxa and the resulting treatment effect works just as well as pungent smoke moxa stick. Please note patients diagnosed with heat signatures would not benefit from Moxibustion treatment.

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