TuiNa Massage

Tui-Na Massage Therapy


Tui Na is a form of Asian bodywork that has been used for more then three thousand  tuinayears. It is a powerful medical massage therapy that combines acupressure with additional physical manipulation(s).  This kind of energy work is used to unblock the body’s energy meridians to improve the flow of Qi.  By removal of various blockages the balance of Qi can be restored which will lead to the overall improvement of health.

Tui Na is accomplished by pressing, kneading, rubbing, rolling (along with range of motion work) to stimulate acupressure points. These commonly include soft and or deep tissue massage along the body’s energy meridians. The practitioner may use topical herbal ointments to enhance care.  This treatment modality is effective for musculoskeletal as well as non-musculoskeletal conditions.  Tui Na was also been known to treat sport injuries as well as various internal diseases.

hqdefaultWhile Tui Na is best for rectifying musculoskeletal condition such as back pain, neck; shoulder; carpal; sciatica; and elbow pain, there is supporting evidence proving this therapy can help with headaches, constipation and even some emotional disorders.  This treatment method tends to be more intensive rather then physically relaxing.  A patient may feel sore after the first treatment and or sometime a sensation of euphoria may also occur.  While Tui Na is a wonderful form of Eastern treatment, patients’ with skin problems, open wounds, osteoporosis or conditions involving fractures are not recommended for this treatment.  Kindly advise your practitioner of all prior physical conditions before having Tui Na.

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