AMAZING Therapy that heals the BRUTAL MENSTRUAL CRAMPS Issue

Dr. Peter is absolutely amazing! Very professional & friendly!! I’ve had brutal menstrual cramps since i was 13, nothing really worked.

Dr. Peter recommended herbal pills and I am in COMPLETE shock of the outcome!! They worked! I didn’t know what to do with self! The pain I had was so unbearable taht I would be useless for 4 days.

I am SO THANKFUL for Dr. Peter & his knowledge and highly recommended his services.

  • Jennifer Ocampo


High level of attentiveness and compassion

Mr. Peter Cheng has been my acupuncturist for approximately one year.  I have received acupuncture treatments weekly for the past 20 years, from various practitioners, and I can attest to Mr. Cheng’s abilities,  his high level of attentiveness and compassion,  and knowledge base. I always feel as if my needs have been listened to  and appropriately addressed. Knowing that the choice of a practitioner can seem daunting, I would recommend Mr. Cheng. I also  deeply appreciate his good humor and peacefulness. Happy healing to all.

  • Claudia Mello


Acupuncture and Herbs has helped me tremendously

Thank you for working with me to address my lifelong problem with digestion issues and my recent issue in preventative care for potential arthritis.  Your knowledge of acupuncture and herbs has helped me tremendously.  You are a very humble person & healer and Your gentle technique in the application of the acupuncture needles as well as the removal of the needles is appreciated by me & people that I have recommended to you for treatments.   One of the people that I sent to you was hesitant to go because she has fear of  needles and she now wishes to continue to have treatments with you for her issues that need attention.  I thank you for all that you have done for me and continue to do.

  • Meg McGuire


Helps me on Scleroderma 

It has being a few months already that I have become a patient of Dr. Cheng and the changes are noticeable. I have scleroderma ( morphea) on my lower limbs and after trying all types of medication to off set that non curable disease i decided to go easy on my body and search for alternative medicine. Of course,because all medication I have tried it didn’t work at all . All it was left were the side effects.So I had at the beginning of the treatment a painful/ sore ankle very red and irritated. Treatment started  to off set mainly stress that trigger all immune system diseases. Dr. Cheng has helped me on that and today, my ankle is much less red and no pain. I try not to skip sessions because I can really notice the difference it makes. And you know what I liked the most. ” The Care”. Every Saturday he would re- evaluate me and bring me new alternatives that we could try. So he is constantly trying to help doing his research and showing care.Dr Cheng and the acupuncture has done wonders to me and for that I am very grateful! Thank you Dr.Cheng.

  • Christiane Almeida


Professional and Compassionate

I’m so happy to have found Dr. Peter Man Cheng. He’s been treating me for many months now for everything from my chronic back and foot pain to stress relief and even nightmares. He’s always professional and compassionate. And I’m always grateful.

  • Paula Freund


Changed my life for the better

Peter has changed my life for the better. I suffer from a very painful disease and have been battling pain head-on for twenty years. Over that time I’ve tried every doctor, treatment, prescription, therapy and diet imaginable. As it is a complicated disease, it has had it’s ups and downs. About three years ago, I hit a very bad “down” patch. I had treatments with a number of acupuncture practitioners before.  While I do not discount their abilities, for some reason I was unable to find relief with those parties. I decided to give Acupuncture a try once again. I have found that I get better relief in a community setting. Dr. Cheng had just started practicing at this location and I was excited to see what new skills and practices he would bring to the group. I was especially interested, as he had spent some time in China training, and in my experience with various techniques, I personally prefer the Chinese style over Japanese. My time with Peter has been miraculous. Most of my pain was located in the pelvic region, making just sitting or standing near impossible. Now it did not happen overnight, but over time, with weekly visits, was able to help with the nerve pain and I’m walking and sitting without pain 99% of the time! Peter was also able to help me with his vast knowledge of Chinese herbs. While I was wary at first, especially since I take doctor prescribed medication, I have had no interactions and have found that I needed less of my prescriptions!

I could go on about Dr. Cheng for days. He is knowledgeable, kind and truly cares about his patients. I truly don’t know where I would be without him.

  • Melissa J. Bailes


Highly Recommend for Acupuncture Needs

I have been going to Peter for a while now and he is amazing. He truly cares and wants to help you. He listens to everything you tell him about any issues you may have going on at the time. He is so very gentle and caring when giving you the acupuncture treatment. He works very hard at resolving your issues and takes a lot of notes on what you are telling him so he can compare from the last treatment. I would HIGHLY recommend Dr. Peter Cheng for any of your acupuncture needs. He is the best!

  • Darlene Cookish


Lowered Blood Pressure

Dr Peter Man Cheng has been very thoughtful, patient and thorough.  He has successfully lowered my blood pressure, relieved chronic pain in my arm, and helped alleviate leg and back pain. I have appreciated how he has looked for the most effective way to take care of the issues, through the discovery of the most affective points. I am very grateful for his work.

  • Larry Dutt


Great knowledge on Chinese Herbs & Treatments

I have been seeing Dr Cheng now for several months.  I am always so impressed by how thorough, kind and caring he is with all his patients.
He is an amazing diagnostician, and his treatments are incredible.  I walk out feeling calm refreshed and my pain level is always reduced dramatically.  He is very knowledgeable about Chinese herbs and the combination of both is taking my health to another level.
I am very grateful to have found him.  You will be too!

  • Vonni Goldberg


Highly Recommended 

Peter Cheng is an excellent acupuncturist. The amount of care and attention he brings to each patient is something to be respected and admired. I have seen him help many people, and have often heard them say that his particular skill in acupuncture is the best they have experienced for their various problems. He is also highly knowledgeable in Chinese herbal medicine. I recommend visiting him for any sort of ailment. You will find that you are in good hands.

  • Cynthia O’Leary


Precise & Skillful

I have seen Dr. Cheng for acupuncture for many years. He has knowledge how to help many different ailments, and a not too gentle, not too harsh touch. He has an almost spiritual sense on the sweet spot where a needle should go for optimal healing (some acupuncturists don’t quite hit the spot and either don’t help your ailment as much or make you worse). He has great bedside manner, pleasant, but not overly touchy freely.

  • Kristin C.


Brand New Person after Treatments

Doctor Cheng is such an attentive and knowledgeable person. He had helped me from my chronic shoulder neck pain to my lower back pain. I had been living with these issues for many years and after seeing the doctor for several treatments, is like I’m a brand new person now. I definitely recommend him if anybody suffering musculoskeletal pain

  • Patricia T. 


Natural Facial Rejuvenation 

I been meaning to write a review but haven’t got chance. I was looking for an alternative to Botox and read a few things online about acupuncture can helps get rid of tiny wrinkles naturally. I had been seeing Doctor Peter for facial rejuvenation for about three treatments now. His method is very gentle and he checks back with me several times to make sure that I’m in a comfortable state. I really love his treatment and the result wonderful each time.

  • Christiana Benjamin


Breast Massaging is Awesome!

This is the first time ever I heard about meridian massage for breast. It is kinda shy to expose during the massage session. Yen is very professional and gentle, especially on the delicate parts, before she started the massage, she asked for the permission. The session is relaxing yet therapeutic and ended with the lymphatic drainage massage, where it helps to drain the toxins through the underarms. It is an eye opener for myself and I will definitely be back. Thank you Yen

  • Judith Laura