Acupressure is an essential Chinese medical therapeutic treatment that has been established for over four millennia.  Acupressure is very similar to Acupuncture and is a technique of pressure into precise and specific positions on the energy meridians of the body.  Acupressure shares the same points as Acupuncture but without the use of needles.  Asian medical philosophy states that activating these points with pressure will result in increased blood flow, relieve stiffness and strengthen overall vitality.

There are many conditions Acupressure can be used for such as the reduction of muscle tension, to relieve radiating pain (or referred pain), promote circulation and induce physical relaxation.  Furthermore, certain pressure points can relieve additional conditions including headaches, back pain, shoulder pain, mental stress, nausea and even cold symptoms. With all the benefits that Acupressure has on the body, there is an additional therapeutic beauty treatment enhancing and refining facial muscle tone and blood circulation resulting in improved skin appearance, softened wrinkles – an overall glowing appearance. Very often patients will be given follow-up instructions post treatment.

An Acupreacupressure-directionsssure session usually takes about 20-30 minutes and is sometime mixed with TuiNa Massage therapy. Specific Acupressure points may be manipulated with customized pressure with various patterns.  Your practitioner will be using fingers, hands and elbows during this treatment and slow, deep breathing by patients is encouraged.  Although Acupressure is very safe, women who are pregnant or patients who have recently formed scars, skin lesions and or burns should consult with their primary care physicians prior to Acupressure treatments.

Acupressure treatments can be given in the comfort of the patients’ home enhancing and promoting the peaceful and restorative health effects.  Acupressure is extremely safe, requires no drugs and therefore has no drug-related side effects.


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