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Radix Scutellariae/ Huang Qin (黄芩)

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Taste: Bitter/ Cold

Channel: Lung/ Stomach/ Gallbladder/ Large Intestine

  1. Clears heat and drains fire
    • Used to treat vigorous fever, irritability, thirst, cough with thick, yellow sputum associated with lung heat, or hot sores and swellings associated with fire toxins flaring up
  2. Eliminates Damp-Heat
    • Used to treat diarrhea, dysentery, coughing and wheezing with a stifling sensation in the chest, thirst without the desire to drink and dysuria or hematuria associated with damp heat
  3. Clears heat and stops bleeding
    • Used to treat spontaneous external bleeding, vomiting blood, hematuria and epistaxis
  4. Clears heat and quiets the fetus
    • Quiets a restless fetus associated with threatened miscarriage
  5. Subdues ascendant liver yang
    • Used to treat headache, irritability, red eyes, flushed face, and bitter taste in the mouth associated with ascendant liver yang


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