Herbs & Benefits

Fructus Gardeniae/ Zhi Zi (栀子)



Taste: Bitter/ Cold

Channel: Heart/ Lung/ Liver/ Stomach/ SanJiao

  1. Clears heat, drains fire
    • Used to treat insomnia, irritability, restlessness, and a stifling sensation in the chest associated with excess heat
  2. Clears Damp-Heat
    • Used to treat painful urinary dysfunction associated with damp-heat in the liver and gallbladder channels.
  3. Cools the blood and stop bleeding
    • Used to treat epistaxis鼻出血, hemoptysis咯血, hematuria血尿, vomiting blood or blood in the stool caused by heat in the blood
  4. Reduces inflammation and activates the blood
    • Used to treat skin sores caused by heat and stasis of blood
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