Herbs & Benefits

Rhizoma Cimicifugae/ Sheng Ma (升麻)


Taste: Lung/Spleen/Stomach/ Liver

Channel: Sweet/ Pungent/ Cool

  1. Releases the exterior
    • Used to treat headache due to exterior wind-heat
  2. Clear heat and relieves toxicity
    • Used to treat maculopapular斑丘疹 rashes including carbuncles痈肿, erythemas红斑 and mumps腮腺炎
  3. Vent rashes
    • Used in the early stages of rashes with dormant papules such as measles
  4. Raise the yang
    • Used to treat shortness of breath, fatigue, and prolapse associated with yang qi deficiency
  5. Guides herbs upward
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