Herbs & Benefits

Radix Puerariae / Ge Gen (葛根)



Taste: Pungent/ Sweet/ Cool

Channel: Spleen/ Stomach

  1. Releases the exterior, relaxes the muscles and clears heat
    • Used to treat disorders causing aching muscles, stiff neck and upper beck, fever, headache
  2. Nourishes the fluids and alleviates thirst
    • Used to treat wasting-thirsting and thirst due to stomach heat
  3. Vents rashes
    • Used in the early stages of rashes with dormant papules such as measles 麻疹
  4. Stops diarrhea

    • Used to treat diarrhea and dysentery associated with damp-heat
  5. Lowers blood pressure

    • Used to treat hypertension with headache, dizziness, tinnitus 耳鸣 and angina pectoris 心绞痛
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