Herbs & Benefits

Ramulus Cinnamomi/ Gui Zhi (桂枝)



Taste: Pungent/ Sweet/ Warm
Channel: Lung/Urinary Bladder/ Heart

  1. Releases the exterior, harmonizes Ying and Wei
    • Used to treat exterior cold deficiency patterns where there is sweating with no improvement in the patient’s condition
  2. Warms and frees the channels and disperses cold
    • Used to treat wind-cold-damp painful obstruction in the joints and limbs and to treat dysmenorrhea caused by cold obstructing the blood
  3. Warms and free the Yang
    • Used to treat edema caused by cold phlegm obstruction and for palpitations due to obstruction to the flow of yang Qi in the chest
  4. Warms the blood vessels
    • Used to treat dysmenorrhea due to cold in the uterus

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