Cupping Therapy

Cupping is an ancient Chinese medical technique used by modern practitioners’ and also on athletes participating in the Olympic games.  This technique is more than three thousand years old and is a therapy commonly used to relieve pain, easkopolyozes1e muscle and soft tissue aches, improve blood circulation as well as respiratory issues, address digestive disorders and help ease arthritic discomfort.

There are two popular types of Cups use for “Cupping.”  During ancient times, Eastern practitioners’ used thick glass cups (known as fire Cupping) with the assistance of heated air to create a vacuum placed on selected areas of the body.  With this therapy the “Cup” removes oxygen and generates a vacuum creating suction on the skin that promotes enhanced blood circulation.  Several Cups may be placed at the same time on the patient’s body.  In modern times, some traditional practitioners’ preform this method using plastic cups without the aid of heat to create the same suction effect.  Both methods archive the same health related goal and objective.

Cupping can sometime leave marks or minor bruises that will fade within two to four days.  13625382_10210828788781854_7240961700629756210_nEach Cupping session is roughly ten minutes long and treatment can be repeated for several sessions.  US Olympic Champion Swimmer Michael Phelps and gymnast Alex Naddour and Belarus Swimmer Pavel Sankovich have all posted pictures of their cupping therapies.  This health modality and therapy has been around for thousands of years and it is currently improving athletes’ performance as well as assisting patients in the resolution of various conditions.  Please note Cupping is not recommended for patient suffering from certain skin diseases, fevers as well as bleeding disorders.




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